William Shakespeare's Works/Introduction

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Why this Wikibook?[edit | edit source]

The basic point of this Wikibook is to allow anyone surfing the web to be able to use a reliable text about Shakespeare's works (his plays and poems). Also, along with every play, there is a brief explanation of its origins, plot, and themes. Perfect for homework use! Alongside some of the plays, there is a plot summary, either act-by-act or scene-by-scene. Be sure to make the most use out of this marvelous collection on facts on Shakespeare's works, along with the works themselves.

Original Plays[edit | edit source]

The original plays of Shakespeare can be found here. They are not available at Wikibooks because Wikisource is a better location for original texts. When you have read the play you can return by clicking "back" on your browser.

How to Edit[edit | edit source]

If a Renaissance word is found that has a better Contemporary English replacement, put that word in italic parentheses. For example...
almanack (almanac)
That way, the reader can distinguish the original Shakespearian word from a better modern English replacement.

If you are adding a play, please use a table for putting the play in. Look at "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for an example (Click on edit this page). Don't forget to put in a section on the basis of the play, including: when and why it was written, a brief summary, and the main themes of the plays, if applicable.
THANK YOU! ......Peteturtle and other authors.