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The Merry Wives of Windsor is a comedy by William Shakespeare. The date of publication is unknown to this day. Though registered for publication in 1602, it is believed to have been several years old by that point, possibly as early as 1597. The play tells of the romantic mishaps of Falstaff, making his second appearance in a Shakespearean play, and the two ladies that he is courting.

Acts[edit | edit source]

Dramatis Personæ[edit | edit source]

  • Sir John Falstaff
  • Fenton
  • Shallow
  • Slender
  • Ford
  • Page
  • William Page
  • Sir Hugh Evans
  • Doctor Caius
  • Host
  • Bardolph
  • Pistol
  • Nym
  • Robin
  • Simple
  • Rugby
  • Mistress Ford
  • Mistress Page
  • Mistress Anne Page
  • Mistress Quickly
  • Servants to Ford
  • Servants to Page