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Tim Rhymeless[edit | edit source]

Tim, a young summoner and mediator of guardians, is perhaps the most inconsequential character in Wild ARMs 2. Although he does provide a useful means for the other characters to communicate with the guardians upon their journey, he has little impact on the plot by himself. This lack of significance, coupled with what most believe to be subpar battle skills, makes Tim the least popular character.

Battlewise, Tim possesses unique skills as opposed to other characters. Instead of learning skills by finding them, he learns skills by equipping mediums and killing enemies with them equipped. After killing a certain number of enemies with that medium equipped, he gains a permanent skill that remains even if you equip another medium. He also allows other characters to use their "Combine" Force Power.

Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Pooka - A small, controllable doll. Can be used to reach faraway chests and switches.
  • Air Ballet - Shoots a blast of wind straight ahead, triggering specialized switches.
  • Mist Cloak - Float forward two spaces across gaps.

Force Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Shift FP - Adds one force level (25 FP) to another character.
  • Combine - The equipped medium takes form and attacks as a guardian.
  • Divide - If facing multiple enemies, reduces all enemies' HP by 1/2. If facing a single enemy, it is transformed into an enemy half its level.
  • Hi-Combo - More powerful version of Combine only usable with golden mediums.

Guardian Magic[edit | edit source]

  • First Aid - Heal entire party; always goes first in a turn
  • TurnUndead - Light magic to banish undead monsters
  • Rock Bolt - Earth magic hits single target
  • Graviton - Earth magic hits group of targets
  • Water Gun - Water magic douses single target
  • Submerge - Water magic drowns group of targets
  • Red Beaut - Fire magic fries single target
  • Napalm Hit - Fire magic burns group of targets
  • Sonic Claw - Wind magic slices single target
  • Tempest - Wind magic blows group of targets
  • Lightnin' - Lightning magic zaps single target
  • Plasma Tap - Lightning magic shocks group of foes
  • Ice Beam - Ice magic freezes single target
  • Arctic - Ice magic chills group of targets
  • Black Gate - Dark magic hits single target
  • Dark Star - Dark magic slams group of foes
  • Arcana 13 - Chance of instant death to one foe
  • Thanatos X - Protect party from instant death
  • Arrow Shot - Light magic pierces single target
  • Nova Rain - Light magic falls on group of foes
  • Valkyrie - Non-elemental magic on all foes
  • Cosmic Ray - Stronger non-elemental magic on all
  • Goldhammer - Increases amount of gella enemies drop
  • Lucky Word - Raise allies' luck by 1 in battle
  • Speed Down - Decrease group of foes' RES & PRY
  • Full Heal - Restore one ally's HP completely
  • Bold Lance - Laser non-elemental strike on one foe
  • Apocalypse - Non-elemental attack on all foes