Wild ARMs 2/Characters/Marivel Armitage

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Marivel Armitage[edit | edit source]

Marivel is an optional character, and hence she is not important to the storyline. If you venture to the optional dungeon Crimson Castle in disc 2, you can recruit Marivel for your team. Her tools are primarily used in order to unlock secret items, enemies, and locations. Note that Marivel also makes an appearance in Wild ARMs 3, albeit in non-playable form.

Marivel uses a magic style similar to blue magic in the Final Fantasy series. This style is called Red Power. If she uses her Skil [sic] Drain ability on an enemy, she will learn its skill. This allows her to have a wider variety of skills than any other character. Her Force Powers are all mecha-based power strikes on all opponents.

Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Electel - Shoots a beam of electricity straight ahead, energizing mechanical components.
  • Windup Key - Causes special blocks to move.
  • My Mike [sic] - Summons enemy encounters. Needed to fight optional bosses.

Force Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Qubely - Drill mecha; causes minimal damage.
  • Asgard - Heavy armor golem; causes mediocre damage.
  • Lucifer - Air attack mecha; causes good damage.
  • Asgard 2 - Heavy armor golem; causes huge damage.

Red Power[edit | edit source]

Skill - Description

  • Skil Drain - Absorb new ability from foe
  • Life Drain - Suck HP from a single target
  • Firebolt - Fire magic on a single target
  • Cremation - Fire magic on all targets
  • Geyser - Water magic on a single target
  • Maelstrom - Water magic on all targets
  • Rock Gazer - Earth magic on a single target
  • Tera Break - Earth magic on all targets
  • Air Slash - Air magic on a single target
  • Twister - Air magic on all targets
  • Frigid - Ice magic on a single target
  • Absolute 0 - Ice magic on all targets
  • Inspire - Thunder magic on a single target
  • Thunderbolt - Thunder magic on all targets
  • Shadowbolt - Dark magic on a single target
  • Armageddon - Dark magic on all targets
  • Aport - Non-elemental attack on a single target
  • Megaton - Non-elemental attack on all targets
  • Erg Phasor - Strong non-elemental on one
  • GellaCrazy - Throw your gella to damage all targets
  • Guillotine - Chance of instant death on one target
  • Demonangle - Chance of instant death on all targets
  • Status Lok - Prevent status effects on an ally
  • Booster - Boost stats and auto-battle
  • Def Down - Decrease DFP & MGR of group
  • Esc Down - Drop group's PRY to 0
  • Sleep - Put a group of enemies to sleep
  • Power Seal - Causes ability block on a single target
  • Anti-Magic - Unknown
  • Canceller - Attempts to to cancel target's command
  • Wildcard - Randomly cast a learned power
  • Sacrifice - Kill an ally to harm all foes