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Lilka Eleniak[edit | edit source]

Lilka, a witch in training, is one of the less serious characters in Wild ARMs 2. Aside from a few scenes involving her mother and sister, her character is largely carefree and humorous. What is worth noting, however, is that she is among the first two characters to join Ashley in the group ARMs, and remains in your party for longer than any other character, thus lending perhaps the most support to the group in times of need.

In terms of gameplay, Lilka is essential throughout the first part of the game, as she is the only character that can heal without using items until you acquire Tim. Once you acquire Tim, the only other magic user, however, her usefulness is debated. Many prefer her over Tim for solely personal reasons, however, as Tim is regarded as a weak character in the plot. Tim is also rather slow, and most of Lilka's proponents state her speed (the second-highest in the game) as their main reason for using her over Tim.

Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Rod - Shoots a ball of fire straight ahead. Only useful for triggering switches.
  • Ice Rod - Shoots ice straight ahead, extinguishing any form of fire.
  • Change Rod - Converts healing gems to walkable blocks and vice versa.

Force Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Mystic - Enhances power of usable items in inventory. Most of the time this simply makes them multi-target.
  • Combine - The equipped medium takes form and attacks as a guardian. Only usable when Tim is in the party.
  • Extend - Makes a magic spell multitarget and increases its power by 150%.
  • DualCast - Allows the casting of two spells in one turn; some combinations result in a new spell.

Level 1 Magic[edit | edit source]

  • Heal - Weak single target healing
  • Revive - Resurrect ally with minimal HP
  • Flame - Fire magic on a single target
  • Aqua - Water magic on a single target
  • Vortex - Wind magic on a single target
  • Break - Earth magic on a single target
  • Freeze - Ice magic on a single target
  • Spark - Lightning magic on a single target
  • Protect - Raise ally's MGR temporarily
  • Shield - Raise ally's DFP temporarily
  • MageWeapon - Raise ally's ATP temporarily
  • Air Screen - Raise ally's PRY temporarily
  • Quick - Raise ally's RES temporarily
  • Rise&Shine - Cure or prevent sleep status
  • Reflect - Reflects enemy magic at caster
  • Dispel - Removes magic effects and stat bonuses from a single character

Level 2 Magic[edit | edit source]

  • Hi-Heal - Strong single target healing
  • Hi-Revive - Resurrect ally with full HP
  • Hi-Flame - Strong fire magic on a single target
  • Hi-Aqua - Strong water magic on a single target
  • Hi-Vortex - Strong wind magic on a single target
  • Hi-Break - Strong earth magic on a single target
  • Hi-Freeze - Strong ice magic on a single target
  • Hi-Spark - Strong lightning magic on a single target
  • Saber - Non-elemental magic damage on a single target
  • Restore - Cure all abnormal statuses
  • Irresist - Reduce enemy group's MGR
  • Might Body - Ups stats in target, makes auto-battle
  • HypeWeapon - Greatly increase ATP for one ally
  • Armor Down - Drop enemy group's DFP
  • Slowdown - Drop enemy group's RES
  • Field - Decreases elemental damage by 50% for one ally