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Kanon[edit | edit source]

Kanon is an intriguing character. Yearning to fulfill her destiny as a descendant of the Sword-Mages of old, she replaces most of her body with bionic implants in order to vastly increase her body's capability. However, this is only her surface explanation. The real reason she chose this body is because her mother and sister were killed when their home town was destroyed. She received bionic implants in order to be able to fight those who would seek to perpetrate evil in the world.

Kanon is generally regarded as one of the heavy-hitters, so to speak, of the game. She is capable of causing more damage in one round than any other character except Ashley in KnightBlazer form. She is also extremely quick (the fastest character). However, she suffers low HP and weak defense. In essence, she is the counterpoint to Brad.

Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Wire Hook - Shoots a grappling hook straight head. Used to cross chasms.
  • Rad Blades - Propels you forward in one direction until you stop. Used to cross dangerous terrain.
  • Jump Shoes - When used on special symbols, allows extremely high jumping.

Force Powers[edit | edit source]

Kanon's force powers are unique. Instead of having 4 different ones, she simply has 4 levels of the same attack, Gatling. Gatling allows you to perform a combination attack with special attacks of the same level.

Special Attacks[edit | edit source]

Again, Kanon's special attacks are unique. She learns them by using other techniques. Rarely, using a skill will "spark" another one, similar to the method of learning skills in the SaGa series.

  • Left Edge - Level 1
  • Pike Kick - Level 1
  • Drive Cut - Level 1
  • Wire Fist - Level 2
  • Arc Kick - Level 2
  • Phalanx - Level 3
  • Vortex Cut - Level 3
  • Eagle Claw - Level 4