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Brad Evans[edit | edit source]

Brad is one of the more complex characters on the whole in Wild ARMs 2. A military genius in a war ten years ago, he is now hunted as a criminal due to events beyond his control. What's more, he seems to have a connection to the sinister Odessa organization that is the main source of grief throughout the game. His truly noble intentions are not proved until he reveals himself after being presumed dead with an impressive show of firepower against Odessa's forces, saving the entire team in the process. Note that, although the Japanese version presents Brad as a homosexual, this aspect is mostly glossed over in the American version, either due to bad translation or an unwillingness on Sony's part to present something considered taboo in Western culture in a video game. Nevertheless, Brad's sexuality is not difficult to ascertain from common wisdom even in the English translation.

Gameplay-wise, Brad is a very solid character. With the highest HP, defense, and strength ratings in the game, he is an essential member of most teams throughout the game. However, later on, especially against the optional bosses, his usefulness wanes due to an inability to cause as much sheer damage as Ashley and Kanon. He also suffers from the second lowest speed in the game, and the lowest magic resistance. His accuracy also tends to be rather low.

Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Kick Boots - Kick directly in front of you, opening rusted doors and chests and moving blocks.
  • Bombs - Explode after a few seconds and destroy weakened walls and obstacles.
  • Earthquake - A giant hammer creates a shockwave that destroys all destroyable objects in the room.

Force Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Lock-On - Causes the chosen arm to hit for more damage with 100% accuracy. This is generally believed to be Brad's most useful skill due to his low accuracy.
  • Combine - The equipped medium takes form and attacks as a guardian. Only usable when Tim is in the party.
  • ARM X 2 - Able to use two ARMs in one round. Risky due to Brad's low accuracy.
  • Boost - Hits with the selected arm for 300% damage with no chance to miss. Slightly less useful than Lock-On due to the amount of FP required to use.

ARMs[edit | edit source]

  • Bazooka - Strong single target attack.
  • Pineapple - Medium strength attack on a group of enemies.
  • AM Cluster - Strong missile barrage on random enemies.
  • Lawnmower - Strong attack on all enemies.
  • Rail Gun - Incredibly powerful attack on one enemy.
  • Mini Scud - Very strong attack on one enemy.
  • Sky Eye - Very strong attack on a group of enemies.
  • EZ Missile - Extremely damaging attack on all enemies.