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Ashley Winchester[edit | edit source]

Ashley is the protagonist, or hero (although the latter term comes to have some weighty dilemmas attached to it within the game) of Wild ARMs 2. Arguably the most complex character, Ashley struggles with many different issues along the course of the game. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Ashley's character is the fact that he is possessed by Lord Blazer, one of the main antagonists of the story. After his group of soldiers is involved in a demon summoning experiment, Ashley is the lone survivor, made human again after murdering his comrades by contact with a legendary sword used to defeat Lord Blazer ages ago, when his Blaze of Disaster swept across Filgaia. After this incident, Lord Blazer dwells within him for most of the game, barely withheld by Ashley, until the final confrontation with him after the defeat of what is seemingly the final boss. Ashley also struggles with many other issues within the course of the game, the most notable of which being the definition of what a hero really is.

In terms of gameplay, Ashley is a well-balanced character and uses a bayonet as his ARM. He also has the capability of becoming KnightBlazer, the most powerful character in the game, when his force gauge reaches max.

Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Hurl Knife - A basic tool in which Ashley tosses a knife straight ahead. Its most common purpose is activating faraway switches. It also falls down after hitting a wall or obstacle, making it possible to access switches below you.
  • Booty Call - A radar of sorts that will flash a green dot on the location of any treasures on the current screen. Not necessary to complete the game and frequently missed.
  • Flare Gun - Ashley fires a flare straight above, activating any switches or providing light to a dark room.

Force Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Accelerate - Ashley will go first on the turn this used on no matter, using the skill that you select immediately after inputting all character options.
  • Combine - The equipped medium takes form and attacks as a guardian. Only usable when Tim is in the party.
  • Full Clip - Fires all ammo in a selected ARM at once for extra damage.
  • Access - Draw out the power of Lord Blazer and transform into KnightBlazer.

Force Powers as KnightBlazer[edit | edit source]

  • Hot Fencer - Powerful attack on a single enemy.
  • Banisher - Powerful attack on all enemies; returns Ashley to regular form after use.
  • Hot Fencer (2) - More powerful than original; replaces original after a series of events in Disc 2.
  • Last Burst - Ultimate attack on all enemies; returns Ashley to normal form with 1 HP after use.
  • Mad Lucied - Extremely powerful attack on a single enemy; replaces Hot Fencer after completing the optional dungeon Werewolf's Den.

ARMs[edit | edit source]

  • ShotWeapon - Powerful attack on a single enemy.
  • MultiBlast - Weaker attack on a group of enemies.
  • BoltAction - Very powerful attack in which Ashley slices with the bayonet, then fires a round at point-blank range.
  • DeadOrAlive - Has a chance of inflicting instant death. Largely useless except in the case of one optional boss.
  • ShockSlide - Powerful attack on a group of enemies.
  • Blast 'Em - Very powerful missile attack on all enemies.
  • RisingNova - Most powerful ARM attack available to Ashley; hits one enemy for large amounts of damage.