Wild ARMs 2/Battle Mechanics

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The mechanics of battle, as stated above, are strictly turn-based. After inputting character commands, the game checks the speed of each character and enemy. The character or enemy with the highest speed goes first, the second-highest goes second, and so on. Note that Ashley can circumvent this with his Accelerator skill. In battle, you do not have a traditional MP stat. Rather, each character gains FP, or Force Points, as they attack the enemy. These FP are needed to use ARMs, magic, or special attacks. Using an ARM, spell, or special attack will not deplete FP; you merely need to have the amount listed in order to use it. However, each character also possesses four Force Powers. Each sequential level uses more FP than the last; level 1 costs 25 FP, level 2 costs 50, level 3 costs 75, and level 4 costs 100 (the maximum amount that is able to be attained). These Force Powers are generally very powerful attacks that can easily turn the tides of battle in the player's favor - however, they actually deplete the amount of FP a character possesses by the amount required to use them, so one must act with caution, as a character with no FP will not be able to do anything except attack and use items.

Elements, Statistics, and Status Effects[edit | edit source]

As with most RPGs, Wild ARMs 2 possesses statistics, status effects, and elemental weaknesses and resistances. Opposite elements will do 200% damage, and the same element will do 50-0% damage.

Below are some charts explaining these factors.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • STR: Physical strength. Combined with weapon strength to get ATP.
  • VIT: Physical vitality. Determines HP growth and physical defense power.
  • SOR: Sorcery power. Determines how powerful magic cast by a character will be.
  • RES: Responsiveness. Determines the order in which fighters act in battle. Commonly referred to as speed.
  • ATP: Physical attack power. Increases physical damage caused by attacks.
  • DFP: Physical defense power. Decreases physical damage received from attacks.
  • MGR: Magic resistance. Reduces damage received from magic.
  • PRY: Parry rate. Rate at which a character can dodge attacks.
  • LCK: Luck. Affects critical hit ratio, chance to escape, chance an enemy will drop an item, and Chapapanga's summon.

Status Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Poison: Character will lose some HP at the end of each battle round. Remains after the battle is ended, and will keep damaging the character for each step taken in the field.
  • Vile Poison: Same as above, but the damage received each turn is greatly increased.
  • Disease: Character cannot be healed or gain HP by any means.
  • Confusion: Character will attack a random target each turn.
  • Paralysis: Character is unable to move.
  • Petrification: Character is turned to stone and cannot move.
  • Forgetfulness: Character gains no experience points after battles.
  • Downhearted: Character can only gain 1 FP at a time.
  • Ability Block: Character is unable to use force powers or original powers.

Elements[edit | edit source]

  • Fire - Opposite is water
  • Water - Opposite is fire
  • Wind - Opposite is earth
  • Earth - Opposite is wind
  • Ice - Opposite is lightning
  • Lightning - Opposite is ice
  • Light - Opposite is dark
  • Dark - Opposite is light