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This Wikipedia guide will tell you all the basics on how to use Wikipedia.

Getting started[edit]

First things first - you will need to get an account to begin creating pages and posting on Wikipedia. After you have created your account it would be a good idea to create a user homepage which people can search to find out about you. If you do make a user page be careful not to give away any personal information just in case.


The best thing about Wikipedia is the great freedom to edit any page you want at anytime. The down side to Wikipedia and books is that they can be a little picky when it comes to what you write. For example you can't write burnt building without a message coming up saying change it. Another down point to Wikipedia is if you create you own page there is nothing stopping people from editing when you don't want them to or from vandals destroying the page.

Creating a page[edit]

One of the more fun sides of Wikipedia is creating a user page or a wiki page. With Several wikis to choose from such as Wikibooks, Wikimedia, Wikinews and the well know Wikipedia. If you are going to Create a page you must first make sure it hasn't already been made. If it hasn't it is easy to make - just click on the create this page button.

Creating a book/guide[edit]

When it comes to making a book or guide on another wiki you must keep a close eye out for copyrights as if you build something which is copyrighted without permission you can be blocked of Wikipedia for a short time or for good (now we don't want that).