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The writing in this book should be suitable for 6-7 year olds. At this age, reading is still a chore for many kids. Use words sparsely and maintaining a low syllable count on each page.

The book shows pictures of people all over the world working. Each page has job title, the name of a country, and a description of the action in the photograph. Along with the photo there would be a location map of the country and that country's flag. There is also an open-ended question for the reader to think about that encourages him or her to look more closely at the photograph.

People featured in the photographs will generally be shown enjoying their jobs and dressed in distinctive clothing, or manipulating tools associated with the job. Ideally the image would have some iconic relationship to the country described. For instance in Guatemala, many people travel by bus so a Bus Driver is an iconic image for that country. However this is not crucial.

Photographs should be cropped to 600x600. A good quality photograph is important and photos should reveal details of facial expression whenever possible. The background colors used for the information bar generally reflect colors in the photograph and are chosen to contrast with, but not to clash with, the country's flag.

Most of these photos were harvested from Creative Commons copyleft images published on