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Charles de Gaulle

Quick Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Born: 22 November 1890
  • Died: 9 November 1970
  • Leader of: Free French during the German occupation, then France after the liberation
  • Full name: Charles AndrĂ© Joseph Marie de Gaulle

General Charles de Gaulle[edit | edit source]

Charles de Gaulle was a French general who led the Free French Forces during World War II. He fought during World War I and was a believer in the importance of the newly invented tanks and aircraft as a way of winning battles quickly. This knowledge helped him in World War II where he lead a successful tank attack against the invading Germans. But then he had to leave France for Britain because France surrendered to the Germans.

In Britain he created the "Free French", an army of Frenchmen who had escaped the Germans. He trained them ready for the day when they could return and free their country. He returned with his army soon after D-Day and was involved in many big battles to drive the Germans out. Once France was free again in 1944 he became the Prime Minister of France. Later he was to become the French president.