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A symbol called the "flaming chalice".

How many people follow Unitarian Universalism?[edit]

Where is Unitarian Universalism practiced?[edit]

What are the main beliefs of Unitarian Universalism?[edit]

Unitarian Universalism (UU) is about helping people to grow spiritually without telling them to hold some specific beliefs. You might find a Unitarian Universalist studying many different traditions to learn from them — really, any of the different beliefs described in this book, including atheism, and many other beliefs besides. Each UU congregation elects its own minister, and so each congregation has its own unique character. A service at one UU church might feel a lot like a traditional Christian service, while at another it might feel more like Wicca, or Taoism, or something else again.

What texts does Unitarian Universalism hold sacred?[edit]

What are some main holidays and practices of Unitarian Universalism?[edit]

What is the history of Unitarian Universalism?[edit]

Who are some famous people who have practiced Unitarian Universalism?[edit]

What is a story from Unitarian Universalism?[edit]