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This is a "torii" which is a gate found at a Shinto shrine

How many people follow Shintoism?[edit]

About 4-5 million people follow Shintoism, mainly in Japan. Or approximately 70-80% of the Japanese population.

Where is Shintoism practiced?[edit]

Japan. Shintoism is also practised in countries with large numbers of ethnic Japanese.

What are the main beliefs of Shintoism?[edit]

What texts does Shintoism hold sacred?[edit]

What are some main holidays and practices of Shintoism?[edit]

Setsubun. February 2nd-3rd. The first day of spring by the ancient lunar calendar. Hina Matsuri. March 3rd. Birth of Buddha. 8th April. Childrens (boys) festival. 5th May. Tanabata Matsuri. 7th July. Bon or o-bon. Middle of the seventh lunar month, 13th-15th July. Shichi-go-san. 15th November. New Year's Eve. 31st December.

What is the history of Shintoism?[edit]

Who are some famous people who have practiced Shintoism?[edit]

What is a story from Shintoism?[edit]