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How many people follow Judaism?[edit]

About 15 million people. Followers of Judaism are called "Jews".

Where is Judaism practiced?[edit]

Judaism is practiced in most areas of the world, most notably Israel and the United States which hold the largest Jewish populations. While France has the largest European Jewish population, the United Kingdom also has a small but prominent Jewish population. There are only a few countries on Earth that do not have Jews, for example, Saudi Arabia and North Korea.

What are the main beliefs of Judaism?[edit]

  • The Torah, always a living law as the written Torah is understood in light of the oral Torah
  • God, a unity
  • The people (Israelites Jews), called into being by God as members of one family, a corporate personality, a community of faith
  • The land (known today as Eretz Yisrael)

What texts does Judaism hold sacred?[edit]

The Torah, also called the Pentateuch or the Five Books of Moses, is the most sacred of Jewish books. It is part of the Tanakh, which is the Hebrew Bible (called "the old testament" by Christians). The Mishna and the Talmud are of tremendous importance in Judaism, though the word "sacred" doesn't really apply to these books.

What are some main holidays and practices of Judaism?[edit]

Hanukkah is one Jewish holiday.

What is the history of Judaism?[edit]

Who are some famous people who have practiced Judaism?[edit]

What is a story from Judaism?[edit]