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Goats climbing a tree. They are known to escape their pens with their climbing abilities.

Goats are both wild and farm animals. A wild animal is one not owned by anyone, so no one trains it what to do. Farm goats are owned, raised, and taken care of by people but wild goats raise their own kids and live outdoors without any human help. Goats have pupils shaped like rectangles. They are also known to climb trees. Goats climb trees for safety to avoid animals that may eat them and to reach and eat the highest leaves. Goats can climb nearly anything even the Cingino Dam in Italy which is nearly a sheer wall.[1] Goats can eat a lot of different weeds that would hurt your tongue or make you sick such as thorns or poison ivy.[2] With the weeds gone farmers can grow vegetables instead or children can play where it wasn't fun to go before.

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