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Shows the position of Tellurium on the periodic chart.
Tellurium's symbol on the Periodic Table

What does it look, feel, taste, or smell like?[edit | edit source]

Tellurium is a silver-white metalloid. Tellurium compounds generally smell awful. If a human being is exposed to tellurium, even in very small amounts — keeping in mind, tellurium is toxic, so people shouldn't be exposed to it, even in very small amounts — their body metabolizes it so that their breath then smells so horrible that, reportedly, lab workers exposed to tellurium had to be given a leave of absence till it worked out of their system.

How was it discovered?[edit | edit source]

Where did its name come from?[edit | edit source]

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Where is it found?[edit | edit source]

What are its uses?[edit | edit source]

Is it dangerous?[edit | edit source]

Yes. Tellurium is mildly toxic, so people should be very careful when handling it.

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