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Common Yellow Woodsorrel
(Oxalis stricta)
Flower and leaves
Oxalis stricta flowers and foliage 001.JPG
Common Yellow Woodsorrel is a plant commonly confused with clover. It has pretty little yellow flowers with five petals. The leaves grow in threes and are shaped like hearts. When the plant is young, the stems stand up and hold the leaves and flowers high. As the summer wears on though, the stems lay down and the plant creeps along on the ground. In the daytime, the leaves open wide to catch the sun, but at night, the plant folds them up. Do you put your things away at night? Do you?

Quick Facts:
All parts of the Common Yellow Woodsorrel are edible and have a very tangy taste. Just be careful, because too much of it will cause an upset stomach. It is high in vitamin C.

Showing folded-up leaves