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(Impatiens capensis)
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Jewel Weed Impatiens capensis Leaves and Flower 2600px.jpg
Jewelweed it a medium sized plant with orange or yellow flowers. The flowers are a little bit odd-shaped, with a spur coming our the back, and curled lips in the front. It is usually spotted, and is sometimes even called a Spotted Jewelweed. Another name for it is Touch-me-not. It got this name because the seed pods will explode when touched even very gently. This explosion sends seeds flying out everywhere.

People have used the sap from this plant to treat skin rashes (including rashes caused by poison ivy) for centuries. However, scientists have done a lot of testing on this plant and have found that it is not really an effective medicine at all. Rather than depending on Jewelweed to cure poison ivy, it's a much better idea to just learn what poison ivy looks like, be on the lookout for it, and stay away from it.

Jewelweed is a water-loving plant, growing near ditches and streams.

Quick Facts:
The species name "capensis", meaning "of the cape", is actually incorrect. A scientist named Nicolaas Meerburgh thought that it was native to the Cape of Good Hope, in southern Africa.

Jewel Weed Impatiens capensis Flower 1950px.jpg