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Mouse-ear Hawkweed
(Hieracium pilosella)
Leaves, stem, and flower
This is another plant easily confused with the Dandelion. The easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at its leaves. The edges do not have any lobes or indentations, and the surface of the leaf is covered with hair. It does not grow as tall as Yellow Hawkweed, and it has only one flower at the top of the stem. In fact, the whole plant, with the exception of the flower parts, is covered in hairs, usually whitish, but sometimes reddish on the stem. This is another plant that grows in waste places, such as along roadsides and railroad tracks. It thrives in dry, infertile soil.

Quick Facts:
People once believed that any blade covered in this plant's juices would be able to cut through stone as easily as through wood.

Note the hairy leaves.