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(Eriocaulon aquaticum)
Tiny bugs pollinating some Pipewort.
Pipewort grows in the water near the short. It can't grow very tall, so it has to grow in shallow water. The flower is very small, and grows at the top of the stem like a king's crown. Insects visit this plant to help it make new plants (scientists call this pollination), and without their help, there would be no pipewort! If the plant did not grow tall enough to get its flower above the water, how could insects pollinate it?

Quick Facts:
The name "Pipewort" has two parts: "Pipe" and "Wort". The pipe part is easy, because the plant is shaped like a pipe. But what about the wort part? "Wort" is a very old word that means "plant", so you'll see it in a lot of plant names (Liverwort, Saint John's Wort to name two).

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