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The Wikijunior community has adopted some restrictions on what titles can be created within Wikijunior.

Suggesting a title[edit | edit source]

To suggest a title, visit the New Title Suggestions page and add the title to a list of proposed Wikijunior books. Regular Wikijunior contributors will be able to view this title and make suggestions.

Please try to follow the format when suggesting a new title. Include a list of possible articles that would be within the book. Talk about the audience and scope of the title. Provide a list of questions that will be addressed by the articles.

Voting on new titles[edit | edit source]

One way that new books are added to Wikijunior is that they have passed through the New Book Collaboration voting process. This process is designed to make sure that new books are launched regularly and that books have a high level of community support.

Other ways of adding books[edit | edit source]

Voting is not the only way to add a book to Wikijunior. In unusual circumstances when trying to meet a contractual obligation such as what has happened with the Beck Foundation when Wikijunior was started, specific book projects can be created by the community independently of the voting process.

If an individual author would like to start a new book on Wikijunior and is willing to contribute substantial content, the author can create the book, suggest it in New Title Suggestions, and add it to the list of all books.

Sometimes a suitable book with substantial appropriate content can be adopted by community consensus into the group of recognized Wikijunior titles without going through the New Book of the Quarter voting process.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

This is a Wikijunior specific policy, and not something that pertains to Wikibooks in general. If in the future, there is increased activity on Wikijunior, this whole policy may be substantially revised or done away with, but for now this will give us a chance to gradually expand without being overwhelmed with a bunch of book stubs that don't go anywhere.

Adding a new Wikijunior book is not a huge thing. Even a brand-new contributors are encouraged to suggest a new title. If you want to write a book and are willing to put the hard work into developing substantial content yourself, we encourage you to do so. Have fun and enjoy working with Wikijunior. We are glad that you are here.