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This is the print version of Wikijunior:NATO phonetic alphabet

This book aims to teach children the NATO phonetic alphabet, a common and widely used phonetic alphabet.

Alpha uc lc.svg
A is for Alfa/Alpha
Hitchhiker's gesture.jpg
B is for Bravo
from eXe_Qt (Flikr)
C is for Charlie
Delta uc lc.svg
D is for Delta
from צביה
E is for Echo
from Airwolfhound (Flikr)
F is for Foxtrot
from kulicki(Flickr)
G is for Golf
by Sergio Calleja (Life is a trip)
H is for Hotel
I is for India
J is for Juliett
K is for Kilo
L is for Lima
M is for Mike
N is for November
O is for Oscar
P is for Papa
Q is for Quebec
R is for Romeo
S is for Sierra
T is for Tango
U is for Uniform
V is for Victor
W is for Whiskey
X is for X-ray
Y is for Yankee
Z is for Zulu

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