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Who speaks it[edit | edit source]

Chechen is spoken by people in Chechnya.

Alphabet[edit | edit source]

A Chechen man

Upper case Lower Case Name English
А а ah a (as in father)
Аь аь eah ä (as in cat or in yeah)
Б б beh b
В в veh v
Г г geh g
ГI гI gheh gh (Arabic: غ)
Д д deh d
Е е yeh ye
Ё ё yoh yo
Ж ж zheh zh
З з zeh z
И и ee i
Й й dohts ee y
К к kah k
Кх кх qah q (Arabic: ق)
Къ къ q'ah q' (ejective)
КI кI k'eh k' (ejective)
Л л ehl l
М м ehm m
Н н ehn n
О о oh o
Оь оь urh ö (German: ö)
П п peh p
ПI пI p'eh p' (ejective)
Р р er r
С с es s
Т т teh t
ТI тI t'ah t' (ejective
У у oo u
Уь уь ew ü (German: ü)
Ф ф ef f
Х х kha kh (Arabic: خ)
Хь хь h'a h' (Arabic: ح)
ХI хI ha h
Ц ц tse ts
ЦI цI ts'e ts' (ejective)
Ч ч cheh ch
ЧI чI ch'eh ch' (ejective)
Ш ш sha sh
Щ щ shcha sh'
Ъ ъ cho h'aark hard sign (чIогIа хьаьрк)
Ь ь k'ed h'aark soft sign (кIеда хьаьрк)
Э э eh e
Ю ю you yu
Юь юь yuu yü (German: jü)
Я я yah ya
Яь яь yeh
I I aah (palochka) w, ' (Arabic: ء or ع)

Basic words[edit | edit source]

Barkal - How are you?

Ha - Yes

Hah ha - No

So - I, me

Ho- you

Iza - He/she, him/her

Salam - Hello

Wo - I am (if you are a boy)

Yoo - I am (if you are a girl)

A - And

How to make sentences[edit | edit source]

In English, actions like to run and to have are called verbs. The person who does the verb goes first and who they do the verb to goes right after in Chechen. So "I have eggs" would be "I eggs have" in Chechen.

So kant wo. I boy am. So ya yoo. I girl am.