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Insect collage.png
Wikijunior Insect Alphabet

A is for Ant
Portrait of an ant, profile view.jpg
B is for Bee
Bumblebee 05.JPG
C is for Cockroach

D is for Dragonfly
Damselfly October 2007 Osaka Japan.jpg
E is for Earwig
Earwig on white background.jpg
F is for Fly
Common house fly, Musca domestica.jpg
G is for Grasshopper
Grasshopper eating the maize leaf.jpg
H is for Hornet
I is for Inchworm
Inchworm (31590245191).jpg
J is for Junebug
K is for Katydid
Pterophylla camellifolia (common true katydid) (motel just south of Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, USA) 2 (17065137919).jpg
L is for Ladybird
Coccinella magnifica01.jpg
M is for Maggot
Larven Lucilia sericata.jpg
N is for Nit
Male human head louse.jpg
O is for Owlfly
Owlfly (35455199734).jpg
P is for Praying Mantis
Praying mantis india.jpg
Q is for Queen bee
Apis mellifera scutellata 1355021.jpg
R is for Rhinoceros beetle
Oryctes nasicornis male 2012 G1.jpg
S is for Stick insect
Carausius morosus.jpg
T is for Termite
Mastotermes darwiniensis.jpg
U is for Underwing
Catocala pura.JPG
V is for Viceroy
Limenitis archippus Cramer.jpg
W is for Wasp
Vespula germanica Richard Bartz.jpg
X is for Xerces
Glaucopsyche xerces.jpg
Y is for Yellowjacket
European wasp white bg.jpg
Z is for Zebra butterfly
Heliconius charithonius.jpg