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Who invented it?[edit]

Though the internet was a series of steps, the first internet as we know it was invented by Tim Burners-Lee in 1989.

How does it get power?[edit]

How does it work?[edit]

The internet works first by a server (a computer meant for work) processing the data you are sending. Then, it is broken up into different "packets," or parts of a file. Now, an instruction is sent to your computer to tell it how to "reassemble," or put back together the pieces of data. Finally, the data is sent to your computer, where you receive it. Amazingly, this whole process is done within milliseconds!

How dangerous is it?[edit]

It can be dangerous, depending on witch websites you go on.

What does it do?[edit]

The internet allows you to do many things. You can talk to people around the world, you can play games, you can find the latest news whenever you need it, and learn new things!

How does it vary?[edit]

The internet is very different, as it is hosted by many different people around the world, all at different speeds, and different computers.

How has it changed the world?[edit]

The internet has changed the world in many ways. It has allowed for people around the world to connect, and for families to talk to each other whenever they need too. It allows you to access the latest news whenever you are needed, so you can always know what is happening.

What idea(s) and/or inventions had to be developed before it could be created?[edit]