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Products[edit | edit source]

M&Ms are a hard-coated candy with its prominent "m" stamp on the candy

What do we need to make this thing?[edit | edit source]

M&Ms have two main components, hardened liquid chocolate and the hard candy shell.

Liquid chocolate comes from a blend of whole milk, cocoa butter, sugar, and chocolate liquor, among other ingredients.

Candy shell is made from a blend of sugar and corn syrup.

What is the step by step process?[edit | edit source]

Step by step (Preferable in bullet point list)

  • Step 1: Whole milk, cocoa butter, sugar, and chocolate liquor, amongst other ingredients are blended together in a giant tank.
  • Step 2: The liquid chocolate is poured into tiny moulds to create the chocolate centers of the candy.
  • Step 3: After the candies are formed, they are "tumbled" to make the chocolate center smooth and rounded. Then they are allowed to harden.
  • Step 4: During panning, the chocolates are rotated in large containers as liquid candy made of sugar and corn syrup is sprayed onto them. The coats are sprayed on rotating chocolates at timed intervals. These intervals allow each coat to dry. Each coat leaves an even layer, a shell, of dry candy substance. The chocolate centers receive several coatings to ensure a uniform, complete coat on every piece.
  • Step 5: The color is added to a finishing syrup and applied as the final coat. Finally, the liquid candy dries into the hardened shell.
  • Step 6: The single-colored batches are combined into the mixtures of red, yellow, blue, green, brown, and orange. They are then transported to the machine that stamps the "m" on the shells.