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What materials do we need ?[edit]

Paint consists of pigments, solvents, resins, and various additives. The pigments is what gives the paint its colour; solvents make it easier to stick to the media (paper) applied ; resins help it dry faster; and additives serve many purposes such as fillers to anti-fungicidal agents.

What is the step by step process?[edit]

  • Step 1: Pigment is premixed with resin (a wetting agent that assists in moistening the pigment),one or more solvents, and additives to form paste.
  • Step 2: The paste mixtures are processed in a high-speed dispersion tank. There, the premixed paste is subjected to high-speed agitation by a circular, toothed blade attached to a rotating shaft. This process blends the pigment into the solvent.
  • Step 3: The paste must now be thinned (using roll mill) to produce the paint.
  • Step 4: The finished paint product is then pumped into the canning room and canned.