Wikijunior:Gramma's Grammar/Sentence Diagrams/Making a Simple Sentence Diagram

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Making a simple sentence diagram is very easy! Let’s get started right now.

First, draw a base line:

Then, cross the base line with another line:

We will draw the sentence diagram on top of these lines. Are you ready?

Let’s use a simple sentence:

 Marta plays.

This sentence has two parts: “Marta” and “plays”.

Write “Marta” on the first part of the base line, and “plays” on the second part.

Marta plays.

In this sentence, “Marta” is the subject. In sentence diagrams, we write the subject on the first part of the line.

“Plays” is the predicate. We write predicates on the second part of the line.

Later, we will see how to diagram longer sentences.