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Have you read all of the book? Do you know everything there is to know about Europe? Try this quiz to see how much you have learnt. Read the answers and click on the answer which you think is correct. Good luck!


1. Which of these countries border Georgia?
A: Greece.
B: Belarus.
C: Finland.
D: Armenia.
Answer: D - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia border Georgia

2. What's the capital of Portugal?
A: Minsk.
B: Lisbon.
C: Madrid.
D: Porta?
Answer: B Lisbon

3. Which European country has the largest population?
A: Russia.
B: Turkey.
C: Germany.
D: United Kingdom.
Answer: A Russia

4. In which country can you find Lake Bled?
A: Greece.
B: Sweden
C: Slovenia
D: Spain
Answer: C Slovenia

5. In which country can you find Sagrada Familia?
A: Spain
B: Italy
C: France
D: Armenia
Answer: A Barcelona, Spain

6. Which of these countries does not use the Euro?
A: Latvia
B: Greece
C: Finland
D: Poland
Answer: D Poland

7. In which country can you find Frankfurt?
A: Italy
B: Germany
D: Italy
Answer: B Germany

8. How many countries are part of the European Union (as of 2014)?
A: 15
B: 25
C: 28
D: 32
Answer: C 28 countries

9. Which is the smallest country in Europe (and the world)?
A: Kosovo
B: Monaco
C: Liechtenstein
D: Vatican City
Answer: D Vatican City

10. Which country was divided in two during the Cold War?
A: Germany
B: Yugoslavia
C: Poland
D: Russia
Answer: A Germany: West Germany and East Germany

11. In which country can you find Mostar Bridge?
A: Italy
B: Lithuania
C: Bosnia Herzegovina
D: Portugal
Answer: C Bosnia Herzegovina

12. Which country became independent from the United Kingdom in 1922?
A: Scotland
B: Denmark
C: Iceland
D: Ireland
Answer: D Ireland

13. Which country was first settled by Ingólfur Arnason in the 9th century?
A: Sweden
B: Finland
C: Iceland
D: Ireland
Answer: C Iceland

14. Which Mediterranean country is divided into two parts: A Greek speaking part and a Turkish speaking part?
A: Cyprus
B: Montenegro
C: Albania
D: Malta
Answer: A Cyprus

15. Which country lost 6 million people in World War 2?
A: France
B: Poland
C: Ukraine
D: Slovakia
Answer: B Poland

16. Which of these countries is NOT a monarchy?
A: United Kingdom
B: Finland
C: Netherlands
D: Norway
Answer: B Finland

17. In which European country can you find the World Heritage Site of Suomenlinna?
A: Finland
B: France
C: Switzerland
D: Slovakia
Answer: A Finland, in Helsinki

18. Which country was bombed by NATO in the 1990s?
A: Cyprus
B: Russia
C: Belarus
D: Serbia
Answer: D Serbia

19. Which of these countries was not part of the Soviet Union?
A: Kazakhstan
B: Belarus
C: Yugoslavia
D: Ukraine
Answer: C Yugoslavia

20. Which country had a revolution in 2014?
A: Georgia
B: Cyprus
C: Ireland
D: Ukraine
Answer: D Ukraine, February 2014

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