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Wikijunior Colors
Red.svg Solid pink.svg Solid orange.svg Solid yellow.svg Green square.svg Solid blue.svg Solid purple.svg
Solid white.svg Solid grey.svg Solid black.svg Solid brown.svg Gold square.svg Silver square.svg Bronze square.svg
Full Saturation Spectrum.png Clear Text.png

Finding Images[edit | edit source]

This book is primarily a picture book. Many pictures are available on Wikimedia Commons for use here. Please look on that website for suitable images before uploading new images to Wikibooks.

Posting Images[edit | edit source]

Where possible, try to follow the formatting of existing pages when creating new pages. Wikijunior:Colors/Blue is a pilot page that can be copied for formatting. Try to format the text to be large and colored appropriately. On the "White" page, do not make the text white, because it will be too hard to read.