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What does a jumping spider look like?[edit]

There are 4,000 different kinds of jumping spider. So they are different colors. For example, there is a zebra jumping spider; that spider has black and white stripes on it, like a zebra. A jumping spider is really hairy. Jumping spiders are generally recognized by their eye pattern. They have four pairs of eyes.

Where does the jumping spider live?[edit]

Jumping spiders live in a variety of habitats. They live in places like the rain forest, scrub lands, desert, intertidal zones, and even mountains, some Jumping Spiders even live in people's houses! Some live in moist areas.

What does the jumping spider eat?[edit]

A jumping spider eats insects, like flies or bees. Although spiders are generally carnivorous, there are some jumping spiders that include nectar and pollen in their diet. A plant named Partridge Pea offers Jumping Spiders nectar and in return, the spider helps to protect the plant by killing and eating pests. Some jumping spiders eat other spiders; they also eat insects and the eggs of other spiders.

Or sometimes (rarely) eat bigger and stronger insects like a grasshopper. Jumping spiders' venom allows them to stop their prey for a certain amount of time.

How does a jumping spider defend itself?[edit]

A jumping spider defends itself by jumping on its prey. It has good eye sight. It looks at its prey, then it jumps and attacks its prey and eats it. In general, the jumping spider does not make a web; some do, but the jumping spider's web is not sticky.

What stages does it goes through as it matures?[edit]

The stages that the jumping spider goes through when it matures is mateing and facing preyiteres. They need to be careful. When they get older they go on their own.

What is special about the jumping spider?[edit]

The jumping spider is special because of vision. Jumping spiders have very good vision centered in their anterior median eyes. Jumping Spiders are good hunters. They use their good eyesight to track their meals, often for several inches.

How does the jumping spiders affect people?[edit]

Jumping spiders are known for their curiosity. If a human puts its hand out, instead of running away to safety as most spider do the jumping spider will usually leap and turn to face the hand. It may even jump on the hand. The Jumping Spider thinks that anything that approaches it is interesting.