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What does a crab spider look like?[edit]

Crab spiders have flattened bodies and very hard shells. Some kinds of crab spider can change color to blend in with their surroundings. Crab spiders are one of the smallest spiders.

Where does the crab spider live?[edit]

Some crab spiders live under the ground or in gardens. Crab spiders live throughout North America and Southern Canada.

What do crab spiders eat?[edit]

Crab spiders are hunters and ambushers. They eat insects. They poison their prey, then take it back to there little home with them.

How does the crab spider defend itself?[edit]

They are very good hunters and can take care of themselves.

What is special about a crab spider?[edit]

It can walk sideways and backward, like a crab. Crab spiders hunt and don’t live in a web. Also, crab spiders have bright colors like the petals of flowers so that when insects come to feast at the flower, they don't see the crab spider waiting for them.

How does the crab spider affect people?[edit]

They are generally not harmful to humans.