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What does an ant mimicking spider look like?[edit]

The ant mimicking spider looks like an ant. The size is 9mm for a male and for a female they are 7mm. There jaws are strong pincer's. They have long slender legs and they raise their legs to look like antennae. Also they have two black patches on their head. If you look in their eyes, they are large and compound. You will also see their large fangs.

Where does the ant mimicking spider live?[edit]

The ant mimicking spider lives in many places. They live on plants, plantations, orchards, and gardens. They also can be found where ants can be found. It is rarely in houses.

What does the ant mimicking spider eat?[edit]

Although it doesn't eat much, so far it eats small birds and wasps.

How does the ant mimicking spider defend itself?[edit]

The ant mimicking spider is fierce because it attacks without hesitation. What makes it deadly is the formic acid it shoots out. It puts out its jaws to look like an ant.

What is special about the ant mimicking spider?[edit]

What is special about the ant mimicking spider is that it looks like an ant but really is a spider. Another thing is that there is a jumping ant mimicking spider.