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What country did they live in?[edit | edit source]

They lived mainly in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa, but also in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique.

What did their buildings look like?[edit | edit source]

They had a circular structure. They built their houses in a circular shape all together in a valley. In the center, there was a smaller circle in which they kept the cattle. Houses consisted in a round structure made of ring covered with dried grass and mats.

What was their economy based on?[edit | edit source]

Its economy is based mainly on livestock, but raising large herds of cattle is not fully developed and organized activity. While men are in charge of livestock, women are responsible for agriculture. And it is they who keep the greatest financial responsibility in the family and the ones who keep track on the house.

What did they eat?[edit | edit source]

They always start with local beer made with yeast. For them it's an ordinary drink because it helps them connect with their ancestors. They eat meat with polenta, salads, typical African bulb, and all of this with their hands, they don't use cutlery.

What did they wear?[edit | edit source]

They were colorful clothes and sometimes skin of animals like a jaguar.

What did their writing look like?[edit | edit source]

They write in Zulu. Zulu is type of writing a little bit difficult. For example: UKUZALA UKUZELULA AMATHAMBO. which means: "Fill your house with children and your treasures". They speak Zulu, many also speak English or Afrikaans.

What did they believe?[edit | edit source]

Their god is Nkulunkulu. The fortune-teller is normally a woman and they think is good for them to invoke their ancestors.

Are some of them famous even today?[edit | edit source]

Zulus are famous even today because of its traditions and life. There are even some people today that marriage the way the zulus do, and they even go to South Africa.

What is left of them today?[edit | edit source]

They left us a beautiful place to admire and their culture.