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What Countries Did They Live In?[edit]

People of the ancient Thai civilization lived in what is now Thailand about 4000 years ago (2000 BC).

What did their buildings look like?[edit]

What did they eat?[edit]

Southeast Asia has five fundamental tastes, these are: sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, and salty. Common ingredients used are: garlic, chillies, lime juice, lemon grass, and fish sauce. Popular foods include: rice such as jasmine variety rice. The average weight of rice eaten in a year by one person is 100 kg! Over 5,000 types of rice come from Thailand. People often cook with coconut milk and fresh turmeric, or a herb related to the ginger root. Along with rice the people in Thailand eat noodles. Chinese cuisines were adopted to go along with the Thailand traditions, for example sour and spicy rice noodle soup. Thailand is also known for its herbs, spices and fish sauces. Thailand is famous for its tofu, seafood, duck, pork, chicken, and beef. Many of these dishes can be found around the world.

What did they wear?[edit]

What did their writing look like?[edit]

What did they believe?[edit]

Are some of them famous even today?[edit]

What is left of them today?[edit]

The Thais are still living in Thailand, one of the greatest nations of Southeast Asia.