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Where did they live?[edit]

Illyrian tribes in antiquity

Illyria was a region in the western part of today's Balkan Peninsula inhabited by the Illyrians, a heterogeneous coalition of tribes. Very little is known about the Illyrians, though a number of them are assumed to have been united by a common Illyrian language.

Illyrians were divided in tribes such as Albani, Dassareti, Enchelei, Dalmatae, Deraemestae, Taulantii, Pannonian tribes, Pirustae, Partheni, Abri, Maezaei etc.

Illyrian border lies from rivers Drava and Sava in the north and the region of the Bylliones in the South.

What did their buildings look like?[edit]

Theater of Apollonia.

Illyrian architecture was almost the same as Greek and Roman architecture. Thanks to its position Illyria was greatly influenced by those two countries. Illyrian buildings had regular shape and the main materials that were used were limestone and marble or gold for decorations. Some famous buildings that still remain are those in the site of Apollonia (in the photo) and Butrinti, the amphitheatre in Durrës etc.

What did they eat?[edit]

Illyrian used to eat meat, bread, honey, milk and drink a kind of beer (which is still known as The Beer of Peja), brandy and wine. Brandy is still used in Albania and other parts of Balkan Peninsula as a kind of "national drink"

What did they wear?[edit]

Their writing looked like the Greek writing of today. But many scientists have discovered that if you try to translate the Illyrian language into the modern European languages that Albanian is the most suitable language to translate it into, because a lot of those ancient words used by the Illyrians can be translated into Albanian which quite frankly and weird is not the case with the Slavic and Greek languages.

What did they believe?[edit]

What is their history?[edit]

Are some of them famous even today?[edit]

Pyrrhus of Epirus

Yes of course, haven't you heard about Roman emperors for example Decius, Hostilian, Claudius Gothicus, Aurelian, Probus and so on and so on? They were from Illyria. Pyrrhus of Epirus was a Molossian from Illyria. Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great was from Illyria too. Want you more? OK, Bardyllis, Monunius, Queen Teuta, Gentius, Bato, Celer were famous Illyrians too.

What is left of them today?[edit]

The whole modern Albania, Kosovo and other parts inhabited by Albanians in Balkan such as Western Macedonia, Northwestern Greece, Southeast Montenegro etc.