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How to start ...

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For WDM Wikidata mode (which is default) please check internet connectivity.

Then simply enter your tag/word in any language and activate the green <send> arrow.

WDM: How to query or send

Note that input can be multiline (consisting of multiple lines) also.

The default results are so called Wikidata items and look like this:

WDM: results from Wikidata for item "universe"

A maximum of 50 results from Wikidata is possible.

Say you want to save item "universe" with default priority (which is "H"):

Simply activate the <download> button of the entry.

WDM: signalling a successful save for an entry

The <grey> color of the <download> button now signals the <store> action.

Say you are further interested in the Item "universe":

1) Simply select the link icon under the <action> combobox.

WDM: how to change action for all entries

As result <action> buttons of all entries switch into <open link> action mode.

2) Then activate <action> button of this entry.

WDM: activate <open link> for entry - here wikidata

Clicking on the <action> button of the "universe" entry opens Wikidata details in the local browser.

WDM: Wikidata entry Q1 opened

When logged in in Wikidata you also see your notice alarms.

With the <edit> pencil you can for example improve translations.

You can further scroll down in the Wikidata information for example to see images:

WDM: details of an Wikidata entry

To return to WDM use the <back> arrow:

WDM: how to return from browser

What WDM can do for you · Local search and edit in database