WikidataMap user guide/Export DB or Import XML file

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Menu: Export & Import and link to website of creators

If for example WDM export gets activated a XML file gets created with all your entries from the local DB,

With an installed filemanager from Playstore like Total Commander you can inspect or adapt the file.

For the import it is currently important to know that the data gets loaded on top of existing entries in the local db.

If you want to start clean when you import then you first have to delete existing entries in db.

Format of WikidatMap XML

[edit | edit source]




   <wd_desc>water frozen into the solid state</wd_desc>



   <timestamp>06 Sep. 2021 19:56:12</timestamp>


        <value>Peters water</value>




   <wd_desc>part of a naming scheme for individuals, used in many cultures worldwide</wd_desc>

   <wd_label>family name</wd_label>


   <timestamp>15 Sep. 2021 08:32:45</timestamp>





   <query_text>,,l test</query_text>

   <wd_desc>English, verb</wd_desc>



   <timestamp>17 Sep. 2021 20:41:52</timestamp>