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The aim of Wikijunior is to produce non-fiction books for children from birth to age twelve. These books could take the form of macropedias, textbooks, or primers.

Wikijunior is a source of books for children written by an international community of volunteers. It is built on certain core values. Wikijunior is:

  • kid friendly. Our books are written with children in mind. The subjects of our books are chosen because they are appealing to kids. These books are richly illustrated with photographs, diagrams, sketches, and original drawings.
  • collaborative. Wikijunior books do not have just one author, instead they are the product of many interested people working together.
  • fun. We write books that are easy to understand and age-appropriate. The writing style is light and friendly.
  • reliable. Books present factual information that is verifiable and avoid opinion, original research, and fiction.
  • open. The world is invited to join in and write, edit, and rewrite each article and book to improve its content. Our books are distributed free of charge under the terms of the Creative Commons Share-Alike License.

If you discover a book or article that doesn't meet these standards, please be bold and fix it!

Development will happen online here at Wikibooks, and some of the finished books will go into print. In the future, a static online version of Wikijunior will be set up as a new project and "completed" versions will go there. However, even the "completed" versions will be updated from time to time with changes posted to Wikibooks.

Relationship with Wikibooks

Wikijunior is a part of the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikibooks and is subject to their rules and policies. Wikijunior also has its own set of guidelines in addition to those. Sometimes Wikijunior policy differs from policy on the rest of Wikibooks—for example, a macropedia (an in-depth encyclopedia on a specific topic) is allowed on Wikijunior even though it is not generally allowed on the rest of Wikibooks.