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Wikibooks:Wikibookians Bill of Rights

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The Wikibookians Bill of Rights is a document that attempts to tell what rights members of the Wikibooks project have, and what rights they do not have. Some of these rights are based on legal copyright issues, and others are rights granted to individuals by the community.

Ownership and Copyright

Wikibookians may:

  • Make contributions of book content, edit to improve existing content, and alter the markup formatting of a page without needing to ask for permission from any other Wikibookian or group of Wikibookians.
  • Donate text, images, or other media to wikibooks under the terms of the GFDL or a fully-compatible license.
  • Release text, images, or other media to wikibooks into the Public Domain.

Wikibookians may not:

  • Make demands of other users concerning the style, quantity, or timeliness of contributions.
  • Assert ownership or editorial control over any page or module, regardless of contribution quantity or quality to that page or related pages.
  • Release text, images, or other media to Wikibooks under a license not compatible with the GFDL, except where those materials satisfy the Fair use policy.
  • Attempt to alter the license under which text has already been contributed to something not compatible with the GFDL.

Free Speech and Censorship

Wikibookians do not have a generalized freedom of speech.

Book content may be censored if it:

  • Contains needless profanity, obscenity, or vulgarity.
  • Is offensive to Wikibookians, and creates a hostile work environment here.
  • Is considered inappropriate by the community.

Contributions may be removed or reverted if they:

  • Are spam, advertisement, or other promotion for a company, a group, or an individual.
  • Are malicious, or represent vandalism.
  • Decrease the quality of the page or book, without providing any benefit.

User and Talk Pages

Wikibookians may:

  • Exercise editorial control over pages in their user and user talk namespaces.
  • Post information to their user or user talk pages that violate the principals of NPOV, or that represent original (unverifiable) research.

User pages, user talk pages, and discussion pages are not free for the posting of any content or information.