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WikiProject Vestibule to The Book

edit "The Book" is a concept introduced by Paul Erdős. The Book contains the shortest, most elegant, most illuminating, and most memorable proof of every existing or future mathematical theorem. These are "The Book proofs." The highest compliment Erdős could pay to a colleague’s work was to say, “That’s straight from The Book.” WikiProject Vestibule to The Book is a group of wikibookians who collaborate on the wikibook Vestibule to The Book in which the potential proofs from Erdős's imaginary book are collected. The project aims to help coordinate and organize the writing and editing of this wikibook.

We will open a separate web page which will contain the selected (by election, voting) proofs. So this wikibook is the collaborative vestibule to the final fixed book: Proofs from The Book.

0. The final repository is named : Proofs from The Book

1. The project name

The Vestibule project

2. The wikibook name

Vestibule to The Book

3. Roles of proof selection

1. Minimal conditions:

i. Correctness of the proof

ii. Correct form and style

iii. wiki-compatibility

iv. MSC is given

v. Level is given (K4, undergrad, graduate, advanced or others…?)

2. Nomination at least by two proposers (independent from the author and entry editor)

a. Independence means not from the same institute

b. Independence means no coauthorship

c. Independence means no math genealogical direct link (mentor, supervisor, stundent…?)

d. Independence is declaired by the proposer and normally not verified. In case of suspicious proposal administrators and or editors vote.

3. After the nomination for a longer period (say X years, I propose 5) votes are collected, visits are counted on proof pages. Each year the top Y (I propose 5%) percentage of the proofs reaching the age of Y year in the repository the proofs are labeled as candidates.

4. Candidates which has not essentially modified and no objection aroused after another Z years, ( I propose 5) get another short intensive poll period. Votes are collected, visits are counted on proof pages and the proof is moved to the permanent Book if gets P (say 90%) percentage positive votes Telcs (talk) 19:00, 30 March 2010 (UTC)[reply]

As a new initiative, definitions and counterexamples of the same exceptional spirit will be included into the project. Telcs (talk) 19:00, 30 March 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Selected proofs

Momently, there are no selected proofs. edit


Guidelines for Mathematics texts

These standards, as with all Wikipedia guidelines, are not obligatory. However, it should be noted that any article that is seeking featured article status should comply with these standards.

Note that new standards should be subjected to consensus building before being added here (a consensus should be reached on the discussion page). edit