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WikiProject TiddlyWiki is the meeting place for maintaining books related to TiddlyWiki. Even if your name isn't on the /Roster, you can still edit any book.

At the top of this page is a tab called Discussion. You can click on that tab to get to the Talk page for the current page. Every page has a talk page. If you've never been there, try clicking on it now. To come back, just click the first tab (Project Page).

Here is a list of documents which may be helpful in understanding how WikiBooks works.

Books to create[edit source]

  • TiddlyWiki Manual
    • All WikiText related features: Macros, Widgets, Formatting, etc.
  • TiddlyWiki Desk Reference - maybe?
    • All code related features, plugin development, core architecture, etc.
  • TiddlyWiki Technical Reference
    • I would like to find a way to generate a technical reference to put here, or at least keep it up to date.
    • This would document everything. Everything about filters, plugins, and everything else. You could probably call it a specification. But the code is the specification, bugs excepted.
    • Might be a duplicate of the two above.
  • TiddlyWiki Classic
    • Anything related to TW Classic.

These titles are just examples, but if that is the best option, then we can use those.