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For the list of tags, see Special:Tags.

Tags (i.e., edit tags) are brief messages that the software automatically places next to certain edits in histories, recent changes, and other special pages. The list of tags is at Special:Tags. They all come from the Edit Filter; administrators can direct an edit filter to tag edits matching the filter.

Edits may be filtered by entering a tag in the Special:Contributions or Special:RecentChanges Tag text box.

Use and formatting

Tags shouldn't be overly specific, instead the log should be directly used for review of edits.

For each tag, the respective appearance and description system messages can be accessed from Special:Tags. They should be created in the usual format, using a [[Special:Tags|Tags]]: prefix for the appearance.

Tags should generally not be renamed from the edit filter interface when they have already been applied to edits, as this would create a new tag. So make sure to use the correct name from the start, or change the tag description itself. Currently, there's no way to delete or reassign tags.