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Occasionally Wikibookians may find themselves at an impasse on which direction a book should go, and may ask for or need outside assistance.

To begin the process, make a request for comments on WB:RFC under the "Requests for Mediation" section. Uninvolved Wikibookians will then have a look at the dispute, and give some opinions on how to reach a compromise. The parties to the dispute should then take a week or two to consider these opinions, and try to work out a solution.

If the impasse cannot be resolved within 2 weeks of the opinions being rendered, one or both parties may request moderation. Moderations are carried out by an active administrator, who will weigh the arguments and impose a solution. This solution will be announced on the Administrator's Noticeboard, and if there are objections from members of the community aside from the involved parties there may be a further discussion, following these conditions:

  • The moderator's solution will be kept in force during that discussion
  • The original moderator will hand over any enforcement responsibilities to another administrator.
  • This further discussion shall last no more than one week from when it starts.

A review of the decision may (upon request) be made at least 2 months later, to see if it was effective in allowing for the improvement of the book.