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Everquest Wikibooks[edit]

hello, those pages have been transwikied to the strategy wiki back in May 2006 (which in a way made sense). As discussed at (a) the strat wiki is no official WIKI and (b) now it is even down for two days...Is there a way to undelete them pages here? The only real problem I see is, that the changes done in the meantime are probably lost. Assuming good faith I would like to add the following things:

  • I was quite upset when the book got moved, as one excelllent contributor was not able to access it anymore (Firewall issues)
  • I invested about 50 - 70 hours so far for this wikibook, and now I can't even access my contribs...
  • Nobody told us prior to the move, that it was about to get moved (apologies came afterwards)
  • The admins over on the Strat Wiki deformed the main page quite a bit, thus creating even more overlaps with wikipedia.

doh :-/

vote: undelete--Kajolus 15:40, 11 July 2006 (UTC)
  • Comment. I don't know how to vote on this issue, so i will probably abstain entirely. However, I want to point out that wikibooks is for textbooks only, and therefore a guide to playing everquest is quite simply against policy to keep here. This is not to say that we couldn't, as a matter of courtousy, make the pages available to you, but the undeletion would have to be only temporary. In essence, you would only have enough time to move those pages to another, more appropriate host. Wikibooks also should not be used as simply a storage repository, where you can keep information in our database, to be retrieved at your own convenience. I worry that undeleting this for you, after all this time, would send the message that wikibooks can be used as simply an infinite, free, storage facility. Regardless of what the outcome is here, if you can get your hands on this material again (either through wikibooks, or strat wiki), I highly recommend that you keep a copy of it on your personal computer for use in any future emergencies such as this. --Whiteknight(talk) (projects) 15:56, 11 July 2006 (UTC)
  • Comment - I was throughally disgusted in the manner for which many of these video game books were deleted from Wikibooks, and I totally understand outrage over how it happened. Normally for something this big, it should have been discussed over the course of a couple of months, and a very clear indication for where it was moving to, or more precisely have the participants decide where it would be moved. This was not done, but instead a couple of administrators unilaterally decided to move the content under the presumption of acting under the orders of User:Jimbo Wales. No community concensus was achieved here, and this was very much against the traditions of Wikimedia projects in general for something like this to happen so abruptly.
This said, I am not completely sure where to go from here. Video game walkthroughs were against the proposed policy that was drafted even before Jimbo raised the issue, and I believe that given enough time most Wikibooks users would have come to the same conclusion that this content should have been moved somewhere else.
One interesting development, however, is that an incubator project has now started out that might be possible to move some of these type of projects to something within the Wikimedia family of projects. The exact policies that need to be adopted for doing this is something subject to debate, but at least it gives a place that might work out. And something to keep in mind next time a major segment of Wikibooks is culled. The video game walkthroughs didn't really fit in with the rest of Wikibooks as they really were another type of content altogether. It is too bad that the actions were so rash and general. --Rob Horning 16:56, 19 July 2006 (UTC)
  • Comment - The full history was imported into StrategyWiki. This includes the main page before changes were made. This means you don't need to get it undeleted here, you can just grab what you want from there. 22:07, 14 August 2006 (UTC)