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In the spirit of wiki's, contributing is at the heart of all knowledge here. With every contribution does this book get better and more diverse. To contribute, all you need to do is follow the conventions listed below.

Definitions[edit source]

Criteria[edit source]

Questions[edit source]

Examples[edit source]

Extensions[edit source]

Templates[edit source]

New subjects[edit source]

When starting a new subject book, there is a simple format for the book title. Every subject apart from TOK belongs to a group. Naturally, therefore, the subject will belong to its group in this wikibook. A subject that belongs to group 4 will be called IB/Group 4/Subject where "Subject" is obviously the name of the subject, e.g. "Biology". The reason for this url ( 4/Subject) is that it automatically creates a navigation tool at the top of the wikibooks, allowing the student to navigate back to the Group 4 page and finally back to IB Wikibooks home page.

Subject page template[edit source]

The following is a template that can be used when creating a new subject page. X represents the group that the subject belongs to, and must be filled out accordingly. Notice how there is room for different topics and that they too fall under the subject url we spoke about earlier.

{{IB/BookTitle|Subtitle title}}
== Course content == 
=== [[/Some Topic|Some Topic]] ===
{{:IB/Group X/Subject title/Some Topic/Sub-topic|transcludesection=Topics}}

=== [[/Another Topic|Another Topic]] ===
{{:IB/Group X/Subject title/Another Topic/Sub-topic|transcludesection=Topics}}

== Supplementary ==
=== Exams ===
{{decistage|0}} [[/Examination information|Examination information]]

{{decistage|0}} [[/Past papers|Past papers]]
=== Glossaries ===
{{decistage|0}} [[/Glossary of terminology|Glossary of terminology]]


Subject pages[edit source]

You will notice that in the subject page each topic includes the topic page. This way each topic's sub-topics and contents is kept separate from the main subject page and allows for easier modifications. Here you can use this template for the topic page which would reside with a url similar to IB/Group X/Subject/Topic -- all you need to do is fill in the respective parts. There is a standard section that all students should address and then a Higher level option that is placed in its own separate box.

{{decistage|0}} [[IB/Group X/Subject/Topic/Page|Page]]

<div style="margin-top:-15px;">
{{decistage|0}} [[IB/Group X/Subject/Topic/Page|Page]]