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The diagnostic panel allows you to read dialog data available for the current dialog session. This includes both incoming parameters and field values, for up to four most-recently-visited dialog pages; older dialog-page data is removed to save space. (The number four is as of this writing; it is adjustable in the receive module.)

Each dialog page view in the session has a unique ID number. The panel lets you select an ID. A menu offers all IDs for which data should be available, ordered from most recently to least recently visited; you can select any other ID by entering it in the provided text box (though there shouldn't be any data to find under any ID not offered by the menu, unless there's a bug in the dialog software). The examine button summarizes what data is available under the selected ID.

The summary for selected ID includes the names of all incoming parameters and of all saved data fields, with a toggle to select each; by default, all data fields are selected, while incoming parameters are not. One or two buttons appear below the summary. A show button provides a display of all selected parameters and fields. If you are logged in, a write button saves the selected data to your user collaboration page, in a section called "Dialog data (saved via diagnostic panel)".

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