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GLSL Programming in Blender
An Introduction to Real-Time 3D Graphics
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GLSL Programming in Blender[edit]

An Introduction to Real-Time 3D Graphics[edit]

Minimal Shader
RGB Cube
Debugging of Shaders
Shading in View Space
Transparent Surfaces
Order-Independent Transparency
Silhouette Enhancement
Basic Lighting
Diffuse Reflection
Specular Highlights
Two-Sided Surfaces
Smooth Specular Highlights
Two-Sided Smooth Surfaces
Multiple Lights
Basic Texturing
Textured Spheres
Lighting Textured Surfaces
Glossy Textures
Transparent Textures
Layers of Textures
Advanced Texturing
Lighting of Bumpy Surfaces
Reflecting Surfaces
Appendix on OpenGL Pipeline and GLSL Syntax
A.1 OpenGL ES 2.0 Pipeline
A.2 Vertex Transformations
A.3 Vector and Matrix Operations
A.4 Applying Matrix Transformations
A.5 Rasterization
A.6 Per-Fragment Operations