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Chess articles stats
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Top High Mid Low Total
A-class 0 0 0 0 0
B-class 6 3 1 0 13
C-class 13 7 7 1 32
Start-class 9 51 77 73 214
Stub-class 0 24 77 109 214
Total 32 89 166 186 1771

Assessment criteria

Importance guidelines


Any page meeting one of the following criteria.

Main page of a chess book - Chess, Chess Opening Theory, Chess Strategy
d4 or e4
Corresponding page on Wikipedia with wiki traffic averaging 100 or more hits per day.
Chess/Sicilian Defence(560), Chess/Ruy Lopez(330), Chess/Queen's Gambit(260), Chess/King's Gambit(170), Chess/French Defence(170), Chess/Open Game(160), Chess/Caro-Kann Defence(135),Chess/English Opening(128), Chess/Queen's Gambit Declined(124), Chess/King's Indian Attack(120), Chess/King's Indian Defence(115)


Any page that isn't 'Top' and meets any of the following criteria.

Any page listed in hundreds of pages, i.e. anything on Template:ChessOpenings or Template:Chess/Navigation
Corresponding page on wikipedia with traffic averaging 20 or more hits per day.
Chess/Alekhine's Defence(98), Chess/Reti Opening(95), Chess/Nimzo-Indian Defence(80)
One click away from any top page except 1.d4 and 1.e4.


Any page that isn't 'Top' or 'High' and meets any of the following criteria.

One click away from any Wikibooks top or high page.
Two, three or fours clicks away from any opening listed in Wikibooks top page if it's from the main line or most common line in an opening.
Corresponding page on Wikipedia or clickable move.
Named opening, variation with a redirect. See Talk:Chess/Index_of_chess_topics


Other pages.

Quality guidelines